May 20, 2015

The Movie Industry - A Clear Growth Story

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Always in! The entertainment and movie industry is a non-cyclical consumer product - it grows regardless of the overall economic situation

Weatherproof industry: For more than 50 years, its extraordinary stability has been impressive

Strong growth rates: The movie business overall has grown by 13.3 percent in the last two years - distribution structures are intact, the market also grows through new markets like China (USD 4.82 billion in 2014).

Primary markets gain: The most important market for Hollywood movies is the USA (about 45%-50% of global box office revenues). According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ticket sale revenues are forecast to break the USD 11 billion mark.

Continuous growth trend: According to PWC-Media Outlook, the global movie industry is in an upward trend. By 2016, PWC forecasts an increase in movie theater revenue worldwide by 33 percent to USD 37 billion.

The hunger for blockbusters is growing: Nine of the ten most successful films of all time were produced in the last ten years. The next ones are knocking on the door: Hobbit 3, Hunger Games 3, Expendables 4, Rambo - Last Stand, and London Has Fallen.